When we have music to soothe, to comfort,
To affirm what we know in our hearts.
When we have the lure of paths to unravel
With our passion for travel.
When the moon beams and the sun glows
And the stars shine--keeping our spirit warm.

When the hunger for words spoken
and unspoken may be sated.
When the thirst for the beauty
of the written word is quenched.
When love might be the like the flowers
and be blooming in our soul.


We marvel reflecting that tomorrow
may be today.

Blazing Sun Glowing

Lemon Drop Moon

Is it a different lemon drop moon
That rose in the licorice colored sky
Then the one I see?

Was the haze that surrounded the moon
Clouding the view with cotton candy clouds
The same mist that’s out there tonight?

Are the city lights sparkling vying for your attentions,
Trying to get you to watch them instead of the stars?

Lemon Drop Moon

I learn, but never enough.
I teach, but always yearning.
I grow, but always within bounds.
I hope, but always in the past.
I dream, but never mine to grasp.

Glows sunburst


Blue skies and time has no end
Fireflies dancing to the whippoorwills trill
Summer where time stands still
And it seems there are no troubles to tend.
Dusk and the world is aglow with a wondrous sunset
Is it any wonder why summer is everyone's favorite?


Glows Mom and Dad reverse glass painting

I have this piece sitting on top of my computer desk. Mom and Dad had kept it all those years--I drew this on the back of glass--reverse painting on glass--when I was about 12 or so--my love of barns stays with me today--have lots of pictures (originals) of barns that I have bought and collected over the years.

Sated with good food and being with good friends
The eyes and the smile tell the story,
they speak volumes and tell chapter and verse
What the soul and heart have to say.